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Coco Tools

Coco Tools

Radio Shack
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer III

CoCo III Disk Tool Kit

Coco Tools Menu

   Coco Tools is a comprehensive set of disk utilities, providing the most complete set of functions available for the standard R.S. DOS disk system. Comparable in scope and functionality to that of the famous utility available for MS-DOS computers "PC-TOOLS"!
Coco Tools is also the most Comprehensive Disk Repair program available, it Automatically diagnosis and repairs file allocation errors, locates corrupt directory information and cross linked files.  It provides fast and easy recovery of deleted files without the drudgery normally associated with killed file recovery.

A display showing a Disk/File Edit Display

Coco Tools Disk/File Edit Screen
Its Disk Command Functions include:

Backup, Initialize, Directory, Verify, Compare, Search, Edit, Erase, Speed Test, Step Rate Test, Gran Table Analysis and Repair

Its File Commands include:

Archive. Copy, Kill, rename, Erase, View, Edit, Print, Compare, Salvage, Search, Verify, Test Archive, Un-Archive, Xmodem Send/recieve.

 Directory listings show you the actual sizes of files as well as gran count and file types

 Coco Tools Directory listing
 Coco Tools provides fast and easy operation of standard commands like Copy, Rename, Kill, Disk Initialize and Directory thru a consistent and easy to use interface. It provides easy visual selection of files, so multiple file operations can be carried out with very few keystrokes. It also does lightning fast disk I/O for fast Backup and Copying at speeds you thought only higher priced computers could perform.

The File Selection Display, showing a wild card select for ".BAS" files
Coco Tools File Selection screen
Coco Tools has multi-file Arciving, Un- Arciving and Test Arciving functions plus the ability to extract any selected group or individual files from a compressed file with easy visual file selection.   And allows customizing of display colors, printer/Serial baud rate. Drive step rates and Directory sorting preference.

The Options Menu lets you change an assortment of configuration options/preferences

Coco Tools Options Menu

Coco Tools requires a 128K or 512K CoCo III, 1 Disk drive and  uses an 80 column display.

Includes Manual and Disk



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