TextPro III
[Coco I or II 64K Disk]

TextPro III

TextPro III
Color Computer Word Processor

Includes support for the PBJ 80 Column "WordPak" & Parallel Printer Cards and Double Density's 80 Column Card

  TextPro III has 9 Hi-Resolution Upper/Lower case display formats available, from 28 to 255 characters per line by 24 lines.  You also have advanced screen commands such as Double Size characters and on screen underlining. You can also use the standard 32 by 16 display (or systems having lower case hardware kits installed. The display defaults to a 51 by 24 formal that is easily switched to any other format available. Along with the Hi-Resolution screen we added automatic repeating keys "Typomatic". The rate is fully adjustable from ultra fast to super slow or can be turned off entirely for your convenience.

TextPro III features include:

9 Hi- Resolution Display Formats: from 28 to 255 Columns by 24 lines
True Upper/Lower Case Display
Three Programmable Headers
Programmable Footer
Automatic Footnote System
Automatic Memory Sense 16-64K
Up to 48K of Workspace on 64K Coco
10 Programmable Tab Stops
7 Tab Function Commands
Automatic Justification
On Screen Underlining and Double Size Characters
Change Formatting at any time
Edit files larger than memory
Compatible with all printers
Easily imbed any number of Format and Control Codes
Typist Friendly line and Command Format Entry
Automatic Key Repeat


  TEXTPRO III is the most advanced Text Editing and Word Processing System Available for the Color Computer. One of the reasons for this is, Textpro works in a totally different way than the other Color Computer Word Processing programs. It uses simple 2 character abbreviations of words or phrases for commands. These commands are used at the beginning of a line and are proceeded by a "." period. Several commands can be chained together on the same line for ease of use. Thru these commands you tell the Word Processor how you want the margins set, line length, indenting informalibn, and so on. You can change the way you want a document formatted at any point in the document. You also have the freedom to write without worrying about how long the line is or where the margins are and so on. The Word Processor automatically lakes words from one line to the next and fills out the printed line to the desired length. You can even use the command to Input Text from the Keyboard while a document is being processed, and use that information to change the formatting or enter any other valid text Processor command. With this kind of flexibility and an extensive set of commands and functions available, its no wonder that TEXTPRO III is the most advanced Word Processing System. 

64K Support

  TextPro III fully supports the use of 64K on the Color Computer.  It has fast automatic memory sensing and configures itself accordingly. TextPro III does not require Extended Basic or Flex to take full advantage of a 64K RAM system. On a 64K Disk System there is over 44K of workspace available and files larger than memory are full! supported. Tape based systems have up to 48K available tor workspace.

Standard Commands

  TextPro III features a whole host of Document Formatting commands. The setup command section includes; Line l-eglh. Top, Left, and Bottom margins. Page length. Page numbering on/off and Automatic Word fill and Justification on/off.  Some of the Vertical control features include; Test for number of lines left on the page, skip to next page, set page number, wail at top of page, single and multl line spacing, and skip blank lines.

TexPro III features 3 programmable Header lines that can be centered, left or right justified. It also has one programmable Footer line. 3 commands for continues, single and paragraph
Indenting, Center Text, Underline and Double Width print commands.

Footnotes & Special Commands

Some of the special features allow imbedded control codes to access intelligent printer features like; superscript, subscript, change type font and even graphics. You can even imbed control codes within justified text. There is a command that automatically places footnotes at the bottom of the page, which can be very handy for term papers, etc. Another command allows you to display a message on the screen and input text from the keyboard. This text is then printed as if it has been part or the original text, thus you can produce things like a personalized form letter. There is also a repeat command that allows you to repeal an entire document or a part of one as many times as needed up to 255 times. This can be used to produce mailing labels or combined with the previous command to produce a selected number of personalized form letters.

Tab Functions

TextPro III features an elaborate system of tab commands for complete control over column formatting. There are 10 programmbale tab stops that can be defined or re-defined at any time in the text file. They can be used with the following lab commands; Center over Tab column. Right Justify to Tab Column, Decimal Align over Tab Column, Left Justify to Tab Column (Normal Tab), and Horizontal Tab. Tab functions may also be used with a numeric tab column position tor maximum flexibility. You can also define the Tab Fill Character to any printable character to fill in the blanks with dots, dashes, etc.

Text Editor

TextPro III has a full featured, line oriented screen editor. It supports single or multiple line copy and move. global or local search and replace of any character string, character insert and delete, block delete, adjustable speed automatic key repeat, single and automatic line edit. programmable underline and double width control coded, change screen background color and line lenghts, automatic line numbering, line resequencer, and insert and delete line numbers.

Disk & Tape I/O

  TextPro III uses fully compatible ASCII formatted files, that do not have to be converted like some of the other Word Processing Systems. It will Load, Save, and Verify Basic ASCII formatted tape files. The Disk version supports Load, Save, Directory, Kill, Append, Text Process file from Disk, Roll part of file to Disk and Get next portion of file from Disk.

It includes the original Manual, Disk


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